University and Faculty

Year 2014 Status online Description this faculty website features all administrative, research and education news and information. i was responsible for all aspects of this migration: content, structure and layout elements. apart from that i was also involved in the development of the university website […]



Year 2012 Status online (but slightly altered) Description this website features government, administrative, legislative, research and education information and news relevant for universities. i was responsible for the new content structure of the website and all scientific news.



Year 2009-2011 Status online Description this website is the online presence of another Dutch university i used to work for. i was involved in all project tasks regarding this website: concept, structure and content.



Year 2008 Status online (but altered) Description this website is the online presence of the association for libraries, i was chief editor and conceptualized the specifications and content structure for this website.


Congress: Botanical Research

Year 2008 Status offline Description a quick website was needed for an international botanical conference. this digital flyer was made in half a day including the search for text and image content.


University: Faculty

Year 2007 Status online but altered (new university-wide layout/cms) Description this faculty website was part of a university-wide project to migrate all websites of the university. this was the first time all information was available in the same structure and layout style. it also used […]

Flyer Conference

Conference: Flyer and Website

Year 2007 Status offline and paper media Description this flyer and its accompanying website were made for a international chemistry conference. the flyer has an unusual shape (long and narrow).